Tips on Early Morning Running

Hello and happy Tuesday! I hope you are having a productive day! My day has been very productive, which is always a bonus at the beginning of the week. πŸ™‚

I decided to go for a run early this morning instead of waiting to run after work. For some reason it’s always easier to check running off of the “daily to-do list” list first thing in the morning.  Recently, I had a friend ask me a question along the lines of how to get motivated and have the energy to wake up early and run.  This truly is a great question! I’ve struggled with getting up to run early in the morning (I even consider myself an early bird!).  No matter who you are, it’s not going to be easy to wake up early and run… period.  I believe that it’s something that most runners face as a struggle (unless you’re superhuman).  So here’s a few tips on how to help get into the groove of early morning running. (Note: These are tips that I have tried personally and read about, I am not a trained “expert”).

How To Get in the Groove of Early Morning Running


1. Set a bedtime and stick with it.

This tip alone can help immensely! Having a set bedtime is a good habit to have in general.  I know realistically this can be difficult, because…well…life happens and things come up.  But just having a general hour set can be beneficial. For example: I like to go to bed between 9:30 pm and 10:30 pm.  If I go to bed at 9 that’s even better, but I know that many times that can be constraining on other things I need to get done. Try it out for a week and see what happens. πŸ™‚

2. Set an alarm somewhere where you have to physically get up to turn it off.

I personally struggle with this one.  I like having my phone right next to me so I can hit the snooze button (whoops!). But think about it…if you have to actually get up to turn off an alarm, it gets your body moving and blood flowing, which can help wake you up.

3.  Drink water right away when you wake up (and throughout the whole course of day!).

Drinking water is good for you, period. But ultimately this habit will hydrate you, which in turn will help get things moving and wake you up.  (Just think, you’ve been sleeping for the last 8 hours without drinking water…you’re body could use some H20).

4. Eat a little something 30-45 minutes before your run.

Eating a little something can help boost your energy and bring your blood sugar up. And eating it 30-45 minutes before running will help give your stomach time to settle beforehand. Break the night time fast people! Suggestions for some good pre-run fuel would be: a banana and peanut butter, oatmeal with almonds, or even quinoa with berries. Something light, but yet satisfying enough to make it through a run.

5. Plan out your week of running/get on a training plan/sign up for some kind of race.

Knowing how much you need to run every day can help motivate you to actually get up and run.  Right now I’m on a marathon training plan and having that schedule holds me accountable to running. Plus I signed up for a marathon, so knowing that I actually have to follow through is a motivating factor.  But seriously guys, knowing what lies ahead of you before the week begins can really help! πŸ™‚

6.  Find a running buddy that will run with you in the a.m.

This can be easier said than done, but having another person hold you accountable to running in the morning can be surprisingly motivating.  It is way easier for me to get up in the morning when my husband decides to run in the morning as well.  

7. Slowly ease into running in the a.m.

Start out by waking  up early to run on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the first few weeks and then slowly start include running early on other days.  This will help you stick with it! If you suddenly start running early every morning it can be a recipe for becoming more tired and discouraged.

Phew! That’s all I have for tips today.  I know that every person is different and has a preference as to when they like to run.  But, hopefully some of these tips will help you figure out how to incorporate running into your morning routine.  πŸ™‚

What do you do to help/motivate yourself to wake up early and run? 

(Please comment below with any tips you would like to add!)

2 thoughts on “Tips on Early Morning Running

  1. Sometimes when I run in the morning I’ll lay out my running clothes, watch, sunglasses, and hat so it’s right there when I wake up. That way there’s no excuses and it’s easy to get ready to run while I’m half asleep.


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