Friday Favorites #1

Happy Friday friends!

After yesterday’s terrible bout of writer’s block, I thought why not write another day with another theme?!  What I Eat Wednesday is super easy to write about because the category is already assigned.  And let’s get real, everyone likes reading about food! So I’ve decided to launch Friday Favorites! If I get good feedback on this idea, I’ll keep it up.  So let me know your thoughts by commenting below AND liking the page.  Better yet, you should just hit the “follow” button on the side and follow my blog! 😉

Anyways, I’ll move on with my new Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites

Sam and Nia’s Pregnancy Announcement

Sam and Nia are vloggers that I have been following for a while now.  I was super excited when they posted this video! And now it’s going viral! You should definitely take the time to watch it. They are too cute for words!

Here is the link to their YouTube channel –> Sam and Nia

Kopp’s Custard


Bah! Where to I even begin with this?!  For those of you from Wisconsin, you know what I mean! Custard is a deliciously smooth and creamy Wisconsin dessert.  I ran 8 miles yesterday and this ↑↑↑ was my post run treat.  Every once in a while it’s okay to indulge…am I right or am I right!? (#yolo) Yesterday’s flavor of the day was  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, which is my absolute favorite!  We couldn’t NOT go!

Overnight Oats


Overnight Oats is a simple oatmeal recipe that makes for a super easy and healthy breakfast.  I ate some for breakfast this morning and per usual, I was satisfied until lunchtime. 🙂  I’ll post the recipe on one of my What I Eat Wednesday posts in the near future.

Chunky Infinity Scarves


I work at a college, so everyone is getting ready for the new school year….and you know what that means.  Fall is just around the corner! (Sort of…I still want it to be summer a little while longer). Needless to say, I love fashion scarves!  In my opinion, scarves are the perfect accessory.  I’ve been searching different patterns to take on the project of possibly knitting/crocheting my own infinity scarf.  The picture above, is a simple pattern that I fell in love with! Now I just have to teach myself how to crochet the scarf.  I’ll keep you posted on what I end up doing with this idea. 🙂

So that’s that! Those are this week’s Friday Favorites! Have a fabulous weekend!

What is one of your Friday Favorites this week? 

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