Kitchen Command Center: Part 2

Hello hello and happy Monday!  Isn’t it just crazy how the weekends go so fast!?

My weekend was pretty eventful with a 5 mile run and 28 mile bike ride…with some consequences which include a sunburn (that hurts like crazy!) and some tired legs.

This weekend also consisted of a few trips to Kohl’s to pick up some items for my Kitchen Command Center.  After some shopping, I decided not to go with a calendar for the wall in our kitchen.  Our kitchen is so small and it looks more aesthetically pleasing with smaller and more “classy” looking decor.  I ended up purchasing two small decorative chalk boards and a decorative wood piece to the hold mail that usually ends up on the table.  Aaron helped me by hanging everything on the wall.  🙂  So here’s what it looks like so far….


I love how cute and rustic it looks!  And I’m thinking of finding small picture frames to put on the upper left and lower right sides.

IMG_1262Let me know what you think so far by liking this post and commenting with any suggestions to making this cute little kitchen look more homey. 🙂

Do you like this idea so far? What do you suggest adding to give it a little more flare?

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Command Center: Part 2

  1. It looks wonderful Mary! Can’t wait to see more! Why did you decide to not put up a calendar? There seems to be enough room from the pictures.


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