Friday Favorites #3

Happy Friday!

Today is of course, Friday Favorites! And I have some great favorites for you this week….many of course being running related (duh). 😉

So let’s continue with some Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

New Running Shoes

New Running Shoes

Getting new running shoes is like Christmas…but better!  If you’re a runner, you know exactly what I mean! I can usually tell when I need new shoes (I put on about 500 mile on my last pair).  And I could definitely tell the difference on my training run yesterday.  It was like running on clouds! Okay, okay maybe not that amazing, but it felt really great to run in new shoes.  I will be putting them to the test tomorrow with my long run.

Sidenote: I always get asics! It’s some kind of weird loyalty thing I have going on. I bought a different brand one time and I felt like I was cheating on my beloved asics (weird, I know!). Ever since then I have always gone with asics and I’ve never been disapointed.

My Home Running Turf (aka Trails)


I have been loving running outside this week! The weather has been nice and cool and there are always so many people out and about running and biking.  I also love that I can run by Lake Michigan on well kept trails and sidewalks. I am so thankful to live in the area I live! Wisconsin does have some charm! 😉

Kohl’s Clearance


This past weekend, Kohl’s had some awesome clearance steals! I didn’t actually get to take a picture of the outfit that I purchased, but it was well worth the $13! 🙂  It can take a while to rummage through clearance items, but it is well worth the discounted price!

Question of the Day:

What are your favorites from the week?

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