Marathon Training Update #3

Hey hey! This week is already flying! Since I wasn’t able to post yesterday (sorry…it was a day full of activities!) I thought I’d post about some marathon training and give you a recap on how everything is going.

Saturday was another long run.  I ran 18 miles people!  

18 miles

Overall it was a very good looonnng run.  I started to feel pretty tired around mile 15, but it helped having Aaron next to me sharing some fun running stories from high school and college.  He’s a great motivator when it comes to getting me through a long run. 🙂 When I was finished it felt so weird to stop.  It was like my legs were stuck in autopilot.

This week was a 33 mile week (I missed one of my weekday runs…#lifehappens) and I feel really good about my progress! I’m gaining endurance and my overall fitness is improving which is very fulfilling. 🙂

Question of the Day:

How’s your training/fitness goal coming along?  Please share! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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