Marathon Training Update #4

Happy Friday!  It is officially the weekend for me! And it’s a long weekend, which makes it even better. 🙂  I have been writing a series of Friday Favorites on Fridays and I decided that I didn’t want to do that today because I want to update everyone (well, everyone that reads my blog) on my marathon training.

Everything had been going well until last Thursday.  After running 5 miles on Thursday, the lateral arch of my left foot started to hurt.  By Friday morning I was limping my way to work.  I was signed up to run a half marathon on Saturday morning.  The pain Friday night was unbearable enough that I figured I wouldn’t be running the half on Saturday morning, but I still had my hopes up.

Saturday morning rolled around and I couldn’t walk without a limp.  I still wanted to run, but Aaron laid down the law and said that I couldn’t run.  I reluctantly agreed (I mean, I’d rather not run the half and heal so that I can run the marathon).  Aaron reminded me that since I ran 18 miles the previous Saturday, I definitely have the ability and endurance to run the marathon.

So this week, I have been taking anti-inflammatories and nursing it with a hot pack both in the morning and evening. Now, here I am over a week later, still with a hurt foot, although not as painful as it was, but still hurts.  I’m trying to stay positive and convince myself that it is all part of the journey of training. I’m thankful that Aaron is encouraging and even people at work have been concerned and ask me how my foot has been feeling. #support (Co-workers always comment on how crazy I am for running a marathon, but deep down in side they think it’s cool and they care about how my training is going). 🙂  

I have no doubt, I can still run the marathon! 🙂


Question of the Day:

How do you make it through running injuries and stay positive? I would appreciate any feedback and support in this marathon running endeavor! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Marathon Training Update #4

    1. PF is the worst :/ I’ve struggled with that in the past too. I always try to put the positive spin on injuries in the fact that you know you’re a real runner when you suffer from various types of injuries. Good luck with your marathon training! Is it your first?

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      1. Haha true, I can limp around and call myself a real runner now! When people at the office as what’s wrong I seem to fire a ton of jargon at them so that sounds about right! I’m actually training for a half in October (dont think it’s gonna happen somehow with the injury) and then Brighton Full in 2016 🙂

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