Marathon Training Update #5 {Yoga Style}

I hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! The weekend was so relaxing and my time was well spent with family and friends. I am beyond blessed! 🙂 If you follow me on instagram (fyi, my favorite social media platform! I just love pictures!) I posted a bunch of pics from the weekend. Here’s a collage from the weekend (it was my brother’s birthday…hence the cake and candles 🙂 ).

Labor Day Weekend

Marathon Training Update

Since my last marathon training update, my foot was really hurting. Saturday morning I decided I would try to run on it.  I went 5 miles and it felt okay for the most part.

I corresponded with Kristin from Stamped with a Heart earlier last week and talked a bit about yoga. (One of my weaknesses is stretching! I hate to admit it, but I probably don’t stretch nearly enough as I should).  I’ve tried yoga in the past and really enjoy it as a form of exercise and stretching.  It is a refreshing break from pounding the pavement for 18+ mile runs.  Below are some of the reasons Kristin gave me for the benefits of pairing yoga and running.

#1- It can help prevent running injuries, #2- it builds overall stamina, stability, flexibility, which are all great things for running, and #3- yoga truly helps achieve a better mental focus while running, which leads to better physical output.

With Kristin’s advice, I decided to do some yoga over the weekend.  I’m not in any kind of yoga class (yet), but I do have a yoga DVD.  I could tell after my first run through with the yoga, my foot and leg felt more stretched and relaxed.  So, I did it the next day and it made quite the difference!  Now, my goal for the next month is to keep up the yoga so that I will be nice and stretched for my runs AND marathon ready!

I also ran 6 miles yesterday and the foot felt good during my run (which I think could be a good sign!?) It still will hurt if I walk too much or stand too long, but at least I’m not limping.  I’ll take all the progress I can get! 

Question of the Day:

Any runners out there that pair running and yoga!? What are your thoughts on taking classes? Are they worth the investment or will yoga DVD’s do the trick?

2 thoughts on “Marathon Training Update #5 {Yoga Style}

  1. Awww yay, you’re awesome, thanks so much for the shout-out! 🙂 I’m happy to hear your foot is feeling better. That’s great! I really do appreciate your kindness and am glad you’re feeling some relief. Progress is always good! 🙂 I definitely think yoga classes are cool, but I think convenience is cool, too. Yoga DVDs are fabulous, but there are also some websites that offer unlimited yoga classes (like you pay a cheap amount per month). Here’s a great resource: 🙂

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  2. Thanks Kristin! And of course…your insights and advice were extremely helpful and I am always open to learning more about different forms of exercising like yoga. Thanks for the resource for affordable online classes too! I’m excited to explore more yoga!


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