Friday Favorites #5

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had a nice short week.  So excited for another weekend 🙂 Enjoy some of my Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites #5

Boat Shoes

Boat ShoesYou have no idea how excited I am to own these shoes!  I have wanted boat shoes for a very very very long time.  The problem is I’m super picky (and cheap), so I could never find any that I liked enough to buy (in the right price range).  I finally just ordered some online and they came yesterday! I love them and they are so comfy! With a few coupons, I only paid $ is where it’s at guys.

Being Married to My Husband


This will become a reoccurring “favorite!” I love Aaron so much and he really is my best friend! I often get told I look too young to be married. Yeah, I’m 23 and Aaron is 25 (which is young), but we decided to get married sooner rather than later.  Why waste time when you can be married to your best friend?!  We both didn’t want to have a long engagement (our engagement was almost 6 months), so we decided (with the support of our parents) to get married in December of 2014.  We get to “grow up” together, which makes this whole adult thing easier because we get to go through it with one another. Our wedding day was the best day of my life (no joke!). I love Aaron more and more everyday!

Pumpkin Spice from Starbucks


Pumpkin spice lattes are pretty amazing. But, what I love more is a cup of coffee with pumpkin spice flavoring! I prefer ordering black coffee over the fancy drinks at coffee shops, so I normally like to add a splash of pumpkin spice to kick start the fall season. 🙂

Well, those are my favorites from this week! Have a fabulous weekend!

Question of the Day:

What are some of your favorites from this week?

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