I Ran A Marathon!

Hey guys!

It has been way way way way waaaaaayyyy too long since I wrote a blog post! Life without a computer is rough and it makes blogging nearly impossible. 😦

I’m sure you are all wondering if I finished the marathon?!  (If you follow me on Insta then you have the inside scoop!)  The answer is…YES! I did run the marathon and it went really really well! I’ll give you the recap on how everything went (because it’s long overdue! :/ ):

So as you probably know from training updates I was struggling with a foot/calf/leg problem.  I was in so much pain on training runs and really just stopped running all together for about 4 weeks before the marathon.  I would bike, but running was just terrible. Eventually I went to a chiropractor that specialized in athletic injuries and he worked wonders on my foot and leg!!! He gave me kinesio tape and I was good to go and feeling more confident about running.

But of course, one week before the marathon I got sick with a cold and had a terrible cough (why me!?).  I actually stayed home from work the Wednesday before the marathon (and guys, I’m definitely one who has to be pretty sick to stay home from work!).  The Saturday before the marathon I was an emotional wreck (you can ask Aaron!).  I was so nervous and didn’t have confidence in my training and wasn’t sure how having a cold would affect my running. It was pretty rough.  I decided to go shopping and call my dad, who gave me the best pep talk! (btw, I don’t promote retail therapy, but buying a marathon outfit helped boost my confidence a lot!)  By the end of the day I was much more mentally ready and confident.

marathon outfit

Marathon Day

I was nervous the morning of the Marathon, but I was ready and wanted to get it over with!  I decided to stick with the 4:20 pacers (9:54 minute mile).  I played the whole race pretty safe.  One of my number one problems is starting a run too fast and I was NOT going to let that happen.  I eventually ran ahead of the 4:20 pacers but always made sure that they never got a head of me.

Marathon StartI ran a strong race and stayed very consistent. Surprisingly I never hit a wall!  I really enjoyed the scenery and focused on soaking in the whole experience!

By mile 16 there were so many people that started walking…I was amazed because we still had 10 miles left!  I felt really good until about mile 20.  I started getting tired and the thought of 6.2 more miles seemed like an eternity! I somehow finished running and picked up the pace toward the end.  I don’t remember much about the last 6 miles.  Everything seems to be a blur!  I do remember at mile 23 thinking that I only had a 5k left (which never felt so far!…haha).  

Right before the finish line Aaron came over to cheer me on.  He told me I didn’t look very happy…but can you blame me!? 😉 And, I was actually not happy because my watch was saying I was running further than what the race markers indicated (which is to be expected), but it threw me off enough that it became annoying.

My brother and cousin were at the finish line cheering me on and as I crossed I couldn’t believe that I actually did it! I ran a Marathon! What a painful, empowering, and rewarding experience!  I finished in 4:18 and my pace was 9:52.  Not too shabby for being sick and having an injury!  Right after I finished my brother asked me if I would ever run another one…I said NO! But after the muscle fatigue and pain started to go away and my appetite increased I thought, heck…why not!?  I would LOVE to run another marathon!  And so the journey will continue…I AM HOOKED!

Marathon Finishers! P.S. Aaron got second place!!!

Question of the Day:

How did your first marathon go?  Were you just a one and done or did you get hooked into running another marathon?

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