It’s About Time

Hey there! I have some good news today….

I FINALLY bought a new computer! After 7 months of being without a personal computer, I decided to spend the money I saved up on a macbook air! Apple products are NOT cheap…but in my opinion, they are so worth the money.  Maybe I’m just a computer snob or maybe it’s because I was raised with mac computers always in the house (thanks Dad! 😉 ).  Anywho, no buyer’s remorse here!

New MacBook Air

Next step is planning more blog posts.  I’ve been researching and looking for different ways to plan blog posts month by month so that it’s easier to post and keep up with everything.

That’s all for now folks…just wanted to update loyal readers who may miss me? Okay, maybe not, but the goal is to keep this blogging. 🙂

Have a great night!

Question of the day:

What’s your computer preference? What blogging timeline tips do my fellow bloggers like to use?

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