One Year Wedding Anniversary

Aaron and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary last weekend!  Can you believe it?! We made it through one year! I can believe it….this year has been the best year of my life thus far (thank you Aaron)! I feel beyond blessed to have such a wonderful, caring, smart, funny, compassionate, faithful and super fast runner of a husband!

We had been throwing ideas around in regards to what we wanted to do to for our first year anniversary for a little over a month before our actual anniversary.  With Aaron still being in grad school we were somewhat limited to traveling out of the country or anything of extravagant nature.  We were definitely okay with that at this point in our lives, plus we are pretty low maintenance people. 🙂

After some hemming and hawing we decided on a mini getaway at the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at for our wedding in Plymouth.  Guys…I think this was the best decision! We had such a relaxing and fun little weekend getaway.  It was nothing super expensive and was a great way to  have intentional time together as a couple.  We of course went out for dinner too. 🙂

Anniversary Dinner Date with this dude!

After our wonderful stay at the Bed and Breakfast we went to church on Sunday morning (which was our actual anniversary 12/6) at the church we were married at.  We stopped by my parents’ place, had lunch, said our good byes and headed back home.

When we got home we unpacked and decided to have a little celebratory anniversary dance party in our living room.  We also went on a custard run to Kopps Custard and got their flavor of the day, which was peppermint stick! (see picture below…yum!)


We also attempted to watch our wedding service DVD, but it didn’t work 😦  and I was pretty bummed about it, but we still have pictures for memories!

We truly had a great wedding anniversary and I look forward to many many many more!  We have a lot to look forward to and I am so thankful that I am married to my best friend who makes me smile every day. 🙂



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