10 Great Things from 2015

Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope you all have fun plans for tonight and tomorrow!

I’ve been thinking a lot about goals that I want to make for myself in 2016…which I’m sure most of you are doing as well.  There are so many goals or resolutions that one can come up with. Which gets me thinking…do we really ever reflect on how last year was?  So instead of sharing my list of goals I have for 2016, I am going to share 10 great things that happened in 2015…because–quite honestly –2015 was great!

1. We started out 2015 in Cancun, Mexico.  I don’t think many new year’s parties could beat being in beautiful warm weather! We had so much fun on our honeymoon and I would go back in a heart beat!

2.  I ran my first marathon! So much of 2015 was spent putting in hours of training and running. 🙂


3.  Spent quality time with my little sister who is growing up waaay too fast!

4.   Switched from LutheranRunner to For the Love of Running for a blogging site.  And wrote A LOT more than I thought I would, considering how busy I can get with work. Hoping 2016 will be really great and THANK YOU to everyone that takes the time to follow!

5.  Planned my first HUGE event (AND it was successful!)


6.  Ran another half marathon and finished running through Lambeau field in Green Bay.

7.  Made and tried a bunch of new recipes!


8.  Spent quality time with both families!

9.  Mastered date nights with silly faces!

10. Celebrated our 1 year Wedding Anniversary!

Now that I look back on 2015 there are so many more things that I could write about –> this is really just a snippet! I hope that 2015 was great for you and I’m hoping and praying that 2016 will be just as good! 🙂

Question of the Day:

What great things happened for YOU in 2015?

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