Make Fitness Goals that Inspire YOU!

Happy New Year! I hope your 2016 is starting out well!

We started today with a brisk 3 mile run in some usual Wisconsin winter weather. Starting out the new year with running is a good thing! šŸ™‚  I’ve made some running/fitness goals for 2016 so I thought I’d share a few up on the blog today.

Running Goals for 2016

Make Fitness Goals that Inspire YOU
First Run of 2016
  1. Keep running!
  2. Run another marathon (or 2 if I’m feeling ambitious and if I have time).
  3. Run a sub 2 hour half-marathon.
  4. Incorporate more cross training (i.e. yoga and strength training) into my weekly routines.
  5. Rest when needed.

These are goals that I feel are attainable and resting is important to me because I have struggled with injuries in the past.  Overall, I’m just looking forward to another year of staying active and healthy and setting goals is what inspires me to keep running.  šŸ™‚

In the wise words of my husband: “The 2 fundamental principals of training/running are: 1. Your training should inspire you and bring you joy and fulfillment and 2. Don’t do anything stupid!”

So this year make fitness goals that you love and that inspire you.  Cheers to a healthy 2016!

Questions of the Day:

What inspires you to stay active and healthy?  What are YOUR  fitness goals for 2016?



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