Living Room Wall Gallery Project

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

Things have been pretty cold here in Wisconsin.  I’ve been really surprised with how mild winter has been and now all of the sudden the arctic blast has hit BIG!  Makes for not very fun running weather and I’m beginning to get a tad lazy. I’m going to work on brainstorming some ideas for staying motivated the rest of the winter today, since I have the day off (insert happy dance!).

One thing that I am getting better at doing (because of the bitter cold) is finding projects to do at home.  This past week I worked on getting some of our wedding pictures framed to put in the living room (yes, I know it’s about one year overdue…but at least it’s done now).  This was so much fun and it really could be something that takes one day but 1) I’m really picky with frames and the way they look and 2) I had way too many ideas for wall galleries that I liked on Pinterest. Can I just say I LOVE Pinterest! It’s so addicting but there are some really cool ideas. Anyway…I’ll move onto some pics to share on our new wall gallery.

We live in a small and quaint 1 bedroom apartment.  I had really extravagant ideas for a gallery wall, but then decided that I’d rather go simple since our apartment is so small.

The frames are white gallery frames from Target (RE brand) and I absolutely love them! The middle is 11×14 and the left and right sides are 8×8.  The frames came with paper that we used to tape on the wall first to make sure it would look okay.  Aaron was nice enough to help with hanging everything. 🙂  I ended up ordering a different picture for the right hand 8×8 frame than I had on the day we put up the frames. I love the finished product….simple and easy (and cheap)!

Question of the day: What does your gallery wall look like? I would love to see pics and get ideas for our bedroom and the rest of our living room!


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