5 Ways to Improve Your Running

Happy Friday! And boy it’s a happy Friday…I don’t have work today AND I actually don’t have to go back to the work I was doing (insert happy dance!).  I’m starting a new job on Monday and I’m so excited to take on a new challenge! Anyway, that’s what’s new in my non-running life right now. 🙂

Since I had off work today I went for a nice longer 8 mile run this morning. As I was running I was thinking about how much I’ve improved in my running over the past 6 years! Sometimes I don’t feel like I’ve improved that much.  But, my husband keeps telling me that I’m KILLING IT! And he’s like an elite runner, so he’s pretty credible. 😉

We ran a 5k last Saturday and I PR’d by over a minute from my last 5k (which was this past summer)!  

5K from April 9th…We both kicked butt! 🙂

So without further ado, here are a few things that I that I’ve changed in my running routine that have helped me improve this past year.

5 Ways to Improve Your Running

  1. Build endurance.  Run a long run once a week.  I really think that training for and running a marathon is one of the main things that made me stronger and faster.  Building endurance is key!
  2.   Speed Work.  Adding speed work (track and hill workouts) to my current routine is getting body more comfortable with a fast pace and heavier breathing.
  3. Incorporate strength training into your routine.  I used to be a cardio queen! All I would do was run.  I’ve found that I have a lot more energy when I take a break from running and do some yoga or lifting.  I’ve also found that I get injured less when I’m not constantly running every single day.
  4. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water. I’ve always eaten pretty healthy and I’ve never really struggled much with eating healthy.  But, I have always struggled with water intake. I find that always having a water bottle in hand forces me to drink more water.  And another new thing I’ve started is chugging a water bottle in the morning.  If I get one bottle of water in early, I tend to continue to drink water more throughout the day.  🙂
  5. Buy some new running clothes. Working really hard to improve your running?! Reward yourself by buying something  new! This may not be a “thing” for everyone, but for me if I have something new to run in, it gives me way more motivation to run.  This is definitely more of a psychological thing, but it can make a big difference!

These may not be for everyone and that’s okay!  This is what works for me and I wanted to share since I’ve been seeing such a big improvement in my running lately.  Hopefully my running will continue to go well! Have a great Friday!

Question of the Day:

What are you doing to improve your running or fitness?




7 thoughts on “5 Ways to Improve Your Running

  1. Love this! Thanks for the advise! These are great tips. I’m trying to drink more water (will esp. need to when running in the middle of Texas summer) and also working with a coach to help with training/speed work plans, etc.


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