Taking Stock | April

Happy Saturday! I had a really awesome run this morning! Another 12 miles in the books.  My half marathon is less than a month away and I’m feeling very ready, which is a good sign. 🙂 Since it’s the end of April, I’ve decided to write a taking stock post.


Making:  Gluten free chocolate chip cookies with coconut oil.  I made these last night and they’re delicious!  The recipe called for butter and I replaced it with coconut oil.  They are sooo good!
Cooking:  Not much lately.  I have to start meal planning again so we have more exciting meals.  I still have to get used to the new job schedule and figure out how to incorporate running and yummy meals for dinner.
Wanting:  Warmer and nicer weather! WI is being so cold. 😦
Looking: At apartments…we may or may not be moving
Playing: Friends on Netflix.  Such a funny show. 🙂
Wishing: I could have a shopping spree
Enjoying: A lovely and well deserved weekend.
Liking: Hill workouts/repeats!
Loving: Aaron (as usual!)
Hoping: My husband’s research continues to go well. (Go Aaron!)
Needing: Food! Today’s run made me sooo hungry!
Smelling: Coffee.  Stonecreek Coffee is the bomb.com.
Wearing: Jeans, cardigan, scarf, and boat shoes.
Noticing:  How fast this month actually went!
Feeling: Happy

That’s what’s been up with me! Feel free to copy, paste, and blog using the prompts.

Enjoy the last few hours of April!

Question of the day:

What have you been reflecting on this past month?


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