Half Marathon Breakthrough

Hey there and happy Saturday! I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited for the long weekend!  A LOT has happened since the last time I posted {back in April…ugh}.  Starting a new job, training for a half marathon and marathon, and trying to find a new place to live has been consuming so much of my time.  Blogging has unfortunately been put on the back-burner.

I really needed this time to take a moment to myself and share the most exciting thing that has happened since the last time I blogged! Here we go!

Half Marathon Breakthrough

I FINALLY broke 2 hours in the half marathon, guys! For some reason I could never pull myself together enough to do this until this past May.  What’s even better is I PRd by 14 minutes! And ran over a minute faster per mile.  Honestly, I surprised myself.  My goal was to finish between 1:50-1:55.  And honestly I would have still been happy if I finished in 1:59:59, but I knew I was faster than that.

I was so nervous before the race started and my husband reassured me that all of my training would pay off.  I decided to relax and take his word for it.  I trained REALLY hard and I wasn’t going to let ANYTHING get in the way of my goal!

Overall, I felt really good the whole race and was somewhat surprised that every mile split was somewhere between 8:10 and 8:28.  I was nervous that I started out a little bit fast, but kept reassuring myself that this was a race and I should be in some pain and that it should be difficult.

This was NOT an easy run! There were some points during the race that I really did just want to die! Everything was hurting and it was hot.  But somehow I talked myself out of walking.  I kept telling myself that I was STRONG and I could do this!  The last 4 miles were ALL mental.

Finally, at mile 12 I saw my husband waiting for me and he saw me and started cheering me on yelling that I looked really good (which is code for you don’t look like you’re dying!). When he said that I new I could really push myself in that last mile.  I felt like I was dying, but I didn’t look like I was, which meant that I COULD push myself and test my limits. I picked it up and ran the last half mile around Lambeau field.  And when I saw the finish line I picked it up even more.  Even though my legs felt like lead and didn’t want to keep going! I crossed the finish and my watch beeped a 7:47 mile split!!!  I couldn’t believe it! I was so happy!  I finished in 1:48:48, average pace was 8:17!  It was a fantastic run!


I learned a lot from this half marathon and realized that there are so many things that can you can change if you put the hard work  in and train your butt off.  And now I’m obsessed with getting faster and potentially qualifying for the Boston Marathon in the next few years.  We’ll see!

Question of the day:

What are your recent workout/running breakthroughs?


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