Marathon Recap

Hello friends!

It’s been a while since I’ve been around on my little space out here on the internet.  I’ve been meaning to write a marathon recap on the Lakefront Marathon I ran waaaayyy back in October. I have unfortunately become lazy (*ahem…netflix…yes I’ll admit that Gilmore Girls has been more important lately, but can you blame me!?) and procrastinated until now.

I am however, happy now that I put off this marathon post because I desperately need a sprinkle of motivation to keep running through this brutally cold Wisconsin winter.  So here’s to hoping that writing about my successful marathon will encourage me (and you!) to keep running!

Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon Recap

Saturday, October 1st 

  • I was surprisingly very calm the day before the marathon (unlike the year prior where I FREAKED and had multiple panic attacks and mental breakdowns…just ask my husband!).
  • I also ate pretty normal and drank a very healthy amount of water.  Ended the day with some shopping to keep my nerves at ease, of course…because…shopping therapy.

Sunday, October 2nd – Race Day!

  • I woke up feeling ready and confident to conquer the race!
  • Ate my usual oatmeal breakfast and drank a cup of coffee.  Then we were on our way to the start.  It was rainy, which was a bummer, but I was NOT going to let the rain ruin my positive attitude and play games with my head.


I had two game plans for the race:

  • Game Plan A: To finish in 4:10 if I wasn’t feeling very good or just didn’t feel like pushing myself to an uncomfortable limit.
  • Game Plan B: To finish a sub 4 hour marathon.  If I was feeling great, my plan was to push myself and really test my limits in the marathon.

This was the end of a really good training season/cycle for me and I had PR’d in the 5k, 10k, and half marathon.  I thought I had a really good shot at crushing my marathon time by a lot!

And of course, being competitive with myself, chose to go with the latter game plan – B!

  • Miles 1-6: I felt really fresh and and excited!  It was misting/raining, but I wasn’t going to let that get me upset. I was going to make this race great and nothing was going to stop me!  I also chose to keep the 3:55 pacers in sight.  By the 10k I had made the decision that I was going to run a sub 4 hour marathon.

My 10k split was 00:55:34 – average pace: 8:56 minute mile. 

  • Miles 7-12:  Saw Aaron cheering for me around mile 7 (right before the course ran through a university campus).  I told him that I was feeling great and happy to be ahead of schedule! Saw my brothers and cousin around mile 8 and told them I was running a sub 4.
  • Miles 13-16: The rain! The puddles! The sopping wet and squishy socks! Not too comfortable with the weather, but found that the rain was a really good cooling agent (ALWAYS looking for the positive and thinking positive thoughts at this point).

My half marathon split was 01:57:30 – average pace: 8:57 minute mile.

  • Miles 17-21: I got a really bad foot cramp around mile 17 or 18. Stopped to stretch it for like 5-10 seconds and plowed through! This was the only point in the race where I panicked a little.  I thought my foot might not let me go anymore. Turned out that the cramp went away (I’m thanking my youthful age for this!).  Mile 20 was rough. My legs were heavy, but then I saw some more family (mom, sisters, brother, AND aunt cheering me on!), and that helped {immensely} give me a little extra push to keep going.

My 20 mile split was 02:59:35 – average pace: 8:58 minute mile.

  • Miles 22-24: I honestly don’t remember much here.  These miles were a blur of pain, mental games, and pure amazement that I was going as fast as I was going.
  • Miles 25-26.2: I passed a ton of people on mile 25!  I was on a mission to the finish! I remember my knees feeling some pain at this point, but nothing that forced me to stop.

When the finish line was in site, I SPRINTED. I didn’t  think my body was capable of  doing that at the end of a marathon, but my mind completely took over and I saw the clock at 3:55 and I was GOING to finish in 3:55…not 3:56.  So I sprinted.  AND I totally passed up some guy right before the finish line (I can brag a little 😉 )

Official Marathon Finish Time: 03:55:23 -average pace: 8:59 minute mile BOOM!


This was the best marathon ever (I PRd by 23 minutes!) and I was so over the moon proud of myself and my time!

And now….I’m feeling a little more motivated after some marathon reminiscing.  Time to sign up for another one!

I hope you are able to find your workout motivation during the winter!

Questions of the day:

What is your best marathon time?  How do you stay motivated to train in the winter months?

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