Running Goals: 2017 Edition

Happy New Year!

It’s been 2017 for 16 days already! {yikes!}  I need to get on some 2017 goals!

Last year I felt like I was scrambling to come up with goals by the 1st of January. This year I decided to take January to set my goals because {let’s be honest} who has time around the holidays to really think about New Year’s resolutions etc. when visiting family, hanging out with friends and just living in the moment. Too often I find myself worrying more about the future than living in the moment! {Goal: Focus on living in the moment and enjoying everyday – life is a precious gift…ENJOY IT!}

So here we are, half way through January and I’m ready to share some fun goals.  I’ll spare you and solely focus on my 2017 running goals.

I looked at my goals from last year and I accomplished ALL of them! I’m praying that this year will pan out the same way. 🙂

Running {Fitness} Goals: 2017 Edition

  1. Keep Running!  Duh.
  2. Run another Marathon…or 2 {and PR in at least 1 of them}
  3. PR in the Half Marathon
  4. Try CrossFit {and keep cross-training}
  5. Stay in tune to my body and fitness. {rest when needed, stretch, don’t overtrain, etc.}

I’m excited to challenge and push myself to a new fitness level in 2017.  Focusing on two Marathons will be challenging! Who knows what will happen, but the important thing is that I have something to work towards!

Cheers to 2017! And cheers to running/fitness goals that keep us motivated!  Here’s to a strong and healthy 2017!


Question of the Day:

What are your running and fitness goals for 2017?



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