Engagement Anniversary & Running Update

So today’s post is really random. But to be honest, I felt like writing and I love looking back at blog posts to see what I was thinking and what was going on with my life.  So here it goes!

Engagement Anniversary

3 years ago today my husband (then boyfriend) asked if me if I would marry him!!! It was seriously one of the best days of my life! And here we are 3 years later.  Time sure flies when you’re having fun!  You can read Aaron’s version of our Engagement story here and here.  I just love his take on our Engagement. 🙂


Running Update – Marathon Training

Long Run: Longest so far has been 13 miles

Workouts: Incorporated my first tempo run and hill workout last week.  The tempo run was good, the hill workout…not so much.

Weekly Mileage: Ranges from 30-40 miles in my training as of now.

I’m definitely more in shape than I was 2 months ago. Which is good! Praying that I keep training injury free!

2 thoughts on “Engagement Anniversary & Running Update

  1. Sometimes anniversaries like that seem even bigger to me than our wedding anniversary! My hubs proposing was crazy, and even our first day we were officially “together” feels so important. Happy anniversary and happy training–right there with you on praying for injury free!! x


    1. Thanks! Yes! I agree! Those special “moments” that you share between just you and you’re significant other are sometimes the most special. And thanks for the kind words about my running! And again thanks for visiting the blog 🙂

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