An Off the Grid Kind of Week

Sunday-Wednesday (August 6-9th) of this week has definitely made it in the category as some of the most fun days/vacations.  Since I’m currently on the market for a job and don’t really have much of a schedule right now, I decided to go up North with some of my family and family friends.

Unfortunately, Aaron wasn’t able to come because of his new job, which is too bad because he would have LOVED it, but there will be future opportunities for vacations like this. Not a total loss.

Basically what made the whole thing amazingly nice was that there was no cell service where we stayed and also no internet or wifi of any kind! Seriously, the best.thing.ever. It’s so great to just unplug and recharge and actually spend time talking (not texting) and playing games with people.  I don’t have many pictures from the trip because I purposely tried to not focus on my phone.


Running during the trip went really well.  I had a 16 mile long run I HAD to do.  I didn’t get a chance to run this past weekend and thought I might as run it on some new running territory with my brothers.  They agreed to bike with me, which was a fun sibling bonding experience. 😉

The one thing that killed us though were the hills!

Holy hills!

It was just one hill after the next after the next after the next. I did really well though! I didn’t walk any hill, I ran the whole thing! And this was the hardest long run of my life! I was so proud of myself and it proved that I’m in way more shape than I actually thought.

Don’t the hills look like so much fun?!
748 ft Elevation Gain…I don’t know if most people consider this difficult, but we thought it was!
Me and the Bros! This was about mile 5 by Boulder Lake

Other Fun Activities

Swimming in White Lake

Playing Guesstures

Sitting by the campfire

Visiting with friends

Eating too many sweets! But hey, who cares, it was vacation 😉

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