Yoga Fun + Sisterly Bonding

My sister is visiting for a few days! Woot woot! Yay for some sisterly bonding! She may be 15 years younger than me, but she is one of my best friends and is seriously THE SWEETEST girl there is (although I may be a little biased 😉 )!

Whenever she comes to visit we like to do yoga together.  Okay, well, Jillian Michaels yoga…if that’s even yoga.  I know you true yogi’s probably wouldn’t agree.  But hey, it’s something that get’s you moving and there are legitimate yoga poses that you get to hold throughout the workout.

I SERIOUSLY need to get in the habit of doing more yoga. It’s less exhausting for me mentally than running and it’s refreshing and a nice break from intense training and workouts for running a marathon. I’ll have to see if I can find an actual yoga studio in the area.

If you have any advise for a beginner, as to how to start looking for yoga classes and what to look for in a yoga studio, I’d really appreciate it and will be your best friend in return! 😉

Have a fantastic day friends!


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