Blog Name Announcement

Hello Friends! I have some big news over here! Well, for me at least 😉

Since I started to dabble in the blog world back in college (circa 2013), my blog had a different name.  Two-ish years ago, I had decided to change the name of my blog to “For the Love of Running” to change things up a little.

Recently, I have been blogging more and I came to the conclusion that “For the Love of Running” wasn’t really “me.” And, in all honesty, it’s not super unique because you can search “For the Love of Running” and a bunch of blogs come up and there is even a book entitled “For the Love of Running.”

I want to be unique and I want my little area on the internet to be “me.” So, I decided to make the change and make it “official” (I bought a domain…no more!). My blog is now back to “Lutheran Runner,” which was the original name — where my blogging started. Oh hey!

What makes “Lutheran Runner” unique to me?

Well, first things first, I am Lutheran and I truly value my faith and Christian background. And secondly, I am a Runner and I value my running, my fitness, and living a healthy lifestyle.

“Lutheran Runner” encompasses me as a person and embodies two very important aspects of my life.

“Lutheran Runner” is a blog about living and sharing a healthy lifestyle {one mile at a time}.  And, although my faith is very important to me, this blog will not be a platform for pushing any specific Lutheran/Christian Agenda.

I will occasionally share faith related posts because Spiritual health is part of my life and living a “healthy lifestyle.” But, other than the title of this blog and URL, nothing else has changed. So, I ask that my followers continue to read as I share my life! And, my hope is that current AND future followers find my blog and posts relatable and fun.

I look forward to continuing to live and share a healthy lifestyle one mile at a time, through this little space I like to call “Lutheran Runner.” 🙂



4 thoughts on “Blog Name Announcement

    1. Hi Linds! Thanks for visiting Lutheran Runner! And thanks, yes I definitely agree about the name! It’s something that needs to be unique to the blogger. I’ll have to check out your work as well. 🙂


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