Friday Favorites #6

Hello and happy Friday! I used to write a series called “Friday Favorites” and I thought that I’d just jump back on that train and continue with that series.

So here we go!

Friday Favorites #6

Fiddleheads Coffee

If you’ve been following my Instagram stories lately you’d know that I’ve really been enjoying Fiddleheads Coffee. It’s the local coffee shop in the area we moved and it’s absolutely adorable on the inside and their coffee is amazing.  Honestly. And I’m not getting paid to say this. 😉


New Maxi Dress

This past weekend I found a Maxi Dress on the clearance rack at Target. It was $8.98! I was a little hesitant about trying it because I’m petite and I feel like maxi dresses are for taller women.  I was proven wrong! I’ve been on sort of a mission to find one that works for me because I think they’re cute and they look super comfy.  And it is so comfy! I seriously want to wear it all the time!

This one pairs perfectly with my jean jacket, which is one of my favorite clothing items. Here are some awkward pics of me modeling the dress! 😆

Target Maxi Dress

Parks and Recreation

I am a die hard “The Office” fan and could seriously watch that show on repeat for the rest of my life. I was looking for another show to watch and my brothers have been recommending “Parks and Recreation” for a while.  Well, I finally took the time to start watching it and it’s pretty darn funny! We are currently on season 2 and it just keeps getting better! I still like “The Office” the best, but sometimes you need to broaden your horizons. 😉


I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Friday Favorites! What are some of your favorite things lately?

Have a fantastic weekend!

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