1 Month Post Move + Hopes and Dreams for the Future

I can’t believe today marks a whole month since we’ve moved! It’s crazy how fast time goes! I wouldn’t say that we are fully settled, but getting close.  All of the important things are unpacked. 😉 And we have been slowly putting up pictures/wall decor.


We are in a 2 bedroom apartment and it’s only a little bit smaller than our last place (minus a washer and dryer…gosh I miss having that in our unit!). We at least have laundry in our building so we don’t have to drive to a laundromat. #firstworldprobs

The area we live in is very nice too! There is a trail right behind our complex that goes for miles both ways and the downtown area is cute and charming.  Also, a bunch of main shopping like, Meijer, Target, Aldi, Kohl’s etc. is like a 5 minute drive away. Can’t complain there! 😉 We also live about 5 miles away from Lake Michigan, which I love! I grew up living very close to the Lake and really missed it when we lived further west in the state.

Hopes and Dreams for the Future

This is our 3rd apartment in almost 3 years of marriage.  You’d think we would just stay in one place already!  I will say moving every year really forces you to make sure you don’t accumulate much crap, so that’s a positive, right? 😆

We are hoping to buy or build a house within the next few years.  I mean apartment living gets old after a while. And we both want a yard, and a dog….and kids…and a mortgage (NOT!). Who knows what order that will happen, but it would be nice to have a house first. 😉 A girl can dream!

We would like to maintain a debt free lifestyle and are finally at the point where our student loans are paid off and the car lease is gone! (here’s a post I wrote on paying off debt).  (We were just waiting to be done with that stupid car lease, which we finally got rid of this past June…woohoo!) And now we’re all about stashing money away for a good downpayment for a house. #goals


Right now though, I am content with our current living situation and am enjoying these first few years of marriage living minimally and leaning on each other for better or for worse. 🙂

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