Friday Favorites #7

Happy Friday! Once again here we are with another Friday Favorites post! Woot woot! I actually really enjoy writing this series because it’s fun to share the things I’ve been loving lately. 🙂

So, let’s just dive right in!

Friday Favorites #7

The Album Melodrama by Lorde

I’ve honestly been listening to this album on repeat! I love the sound, the lyrics, her voice.  Just everything! I also found that most of the songs are really great for running! #score. I think my favorite song is “Supercut,” but I also love “Homemade Dynamite,” so it’s probably a tie between the two. If you haven’t listened to her album yet, you should…period.


2. Taylor Swift’s New Single – Look What You Made Me Do

Ugh, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this one. But I’m such a Taylor Swift fan! I initially didn’t like her knew single.  But…it’s growing on me and I’m dying to know what the rest of her new album “Reputation”, will sound like.  I am a little concerned about T-Swift’s mental health after seeing the music video. I’m not a fan of the music video AT ALL.  The lyric video is cool though and a little less scary.


I know, I know, sorry…this is kind of a music post right now haha.  I promise the next favorite won’t be music related!

3. New Walking/Hiking Shoes

I’m super excited about this one! I’ve had the same “walking” shoes for over 4 years and they were getting so gross and grody. It was definitely time for a new pair. I didn’t get anything super extravagant, but I love the colors and they are comfortable.  I bought them at Kohl’s and you can find them here if you are interested (and I’m not getting paid to say this way btw 😉 ).


Apparently they are on sale, but you know how Kohl’s is, they just say that to make you feel like you’re saving a TON of money and honestly it’s genius. Haha!

Well, those are today’s favorites! Have a great weekend!

What are your favorites this Friday?

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