Marathon Training Update: 8/28-9/3

Good morning and happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a great Monday! Today I’m updating you all on my marathon training.  Last week wasn’t the greatest, unfortunately. But you have your ups and downs in training. I pulled a hamstring muscle or something this weekend and it was really bugging me, so I decided to take it easy and not run my scheduled long run because I was scared that it would make it worse.

And, I’m glad that was the decision I made because it’s already feeling better and I know based on past experiences with injuries that the long run would have just aggravated the muscle more.

Anyways, without further ado, here is my marathon training update from 8/28-9/3.

Marathon Training Update: Lakefront 2017

(P.S. if you just started reading, I am training for the Lakefront Marathon 🙂 ).

Monday 8/28

6 miles easy – felt good

Tuesday 8/29

Rest day – Moved my sister to another place in Chicago


Wednesday 8/30

5 miles – AM run

3 miles – PM run

Thursday 8/31

3 miles

Friday 9/1

2 mile warm up, 3 mile hill repeats (7-40-7-50 pace), 1 mile cool down – this workout was AMAZING! I felt really strong and really good!

Saturday 9/2

Cross training – Strength

We also watched another one of my brother’s cross country meets! It was fun! He did really well!


Sunday 9/3

3 miles

Weekly Mileage Total – 26 miles

Lower mileage, but skipped the long run so my pulled hamstring (or whatever muscle is pulled) does not get more pulled/irritated than it needs to be.

My overall attitude towards running week  8/28-9/3:

Honestly, every single day of running was just kind of blah. The only day that I was really excited and pumped was Friday when I did hill repeats.  I really pushed myself and once again realized that I’m stronger than I think. And I think I will surprise myself in the marathon.

So there you have it! My running from last week 🙂 Low mileage, but I think I’ll be able to bring it up this week because my hamstring feels pretty good.

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