Good Morning friends! Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a good week so far.  We’re halfway through the week so almost there!

Yesterday, I was able to spend time with my aunt from California and we had so much fun! We spent most of the time looking at puppies!

It really only happened by accident. We saw a sign that said “labradors for sale” and went over to see if they would let us hold the puppies.  They did with a little bit of pushing, and a sob story from my aunt about the passing of her golden retriever.  Oh the things we do to see puppies.


After our visit with the labs we were in love and wanted to see if by chance, we could find a golden retriever breeder close by. Sure enough, we found one! And she was so sweet and genuine. The dogs were taken care of well and it was something we could tell that she loves to do. Her kids also get involved too!

Disclaimer: I have dreamed of adopting a golden retriever puppy since I was like 4 years old.  I am all for rescuing dogs.  I just fell in love with these puppies! I didn’t adopt one, but hopefully someday after we buy a house a dog will be in the future. 🙂 



Aren’t they adorable! I was so in love! So was my aunt! She’s actually seriously considering adopting from this breeder when the next litter is ready. I’m very excited for her!

There’s a recap of our day yesterday! Very fun filled with puppies. 😉

I hope you all have a great day!

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