Marathon Training Update: 9/4-9/10

Good Morning! I hope you had a good weekend! Can you believe it’s already like mid September?! Crazy how fast time flies!

Marathon Training Update: Lakefront 2017

Monday 9/4  –6 miles

Tuesday 9/5  –1 mile (didn’t feel very well)

Wednesday 9/6 – 5 miles

Thursday 9/7 – 3 miles

Friday 9/8 – 4 miles

Saturday 9/9 – 20 mile long run

Sunday 9/10 – Rest Day

Weekly Mileage Total – 39 miles

Happy with my mileage this week and that 20 mile run sure wore me out! So the rest day on Sunday was much needed! But, overall I was really happy with my mileage this week. 🙂

My overall attitude toward

This was had a lot of ups and downs because I didn’t feel very well the beginning of this week. And for my 20 mile run, I ran with a team early on Saturday morning, which was so good for me.  It was a blast! And it really made me a lot more positive about running 🙂 I’m excited for this marathon!

Have a fantastic week!

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