The Importance of Discipline

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! I missed you all yesterday, but I had a pretty full and busy day driving around like crazy to airports and interviews.  It was fun and nice to change up my schedule a little bit. 🙂

So I have two things today I want to talk to you about….

One being,I think I might change my posting schedule to Monday, Wednesday, Friday. What do you guys think? Or have you been enjoying the everyday posts. I sure have, but I’m also trying to be realistic.  Stuff comes up, like yesterday and I don’t always have posts scheduled ahead of time.  Regardless, I still want to be consistent for my now 50 followers! I’m thankful for all of you and have actually gained quite a few in the last 3 weeks of my regular posting and re-brand (if you want to call it that).

Anywho, let me know your thoughts and what you like. (Comment below or send me an email).  I’m in this to keep track of my life and running, but as more people start to follow along I also want to write about what YOU want to read and know about me. 🙂

That being said, my second thought today (and somewhat completely un-related) is the importance of discipline. And the importance of discipline in ALL areas of our lives. From exercise, to eating, to our spiritual life, to even being on a bedtime schedule.

With marathon training and running in general. Practicing discipline is so important! And I’m not going to lie, I fail at this..A LOT.  Naturally I am a disciplined person and I thrive on having a schedule. But, sometimes it is just HARD! I need to find people that I can struggle through training with and be held accountable. And that’s part of why I’m blogging more too. BUT (and I’m so excited about this) I’m going to start running with a local running group. One of the guys I ran with on my 20 mile run this past Saturday is a part of the group and he really encouraged me to join and try to get involved. So, I’m going to try it and see how it goes! I’m scared, but I was scared to run 20 miles with a group of people I had never met and it ended up being soooo fun!

Discipline is also important in our Spiritual lives.  I really need to work on taking the time out of my day to read the Bible and have devotion.  One of the things that sparked this “importance of discipline” post is a devotional that my grandpa shared with me yesterday. It really made me think. It stressed putting trust in God in EVERY area of life and to spend time in God’s Word. Which is often difficult for me because…social media, netflix, and all the subscriptions and things of the world DO NOT help whatsoever in taking time out of my day to spend time in God’s Word and pray.

And last, but definitely not least, it takes discipline to spend quality time with your spouse (and this is soooo important!)  

Last night Aaron and I went for an evening walk and had fun walking, talking, and then spent some time reading the Bible.

Yay for Family walks!

Anyways, those are my thoughts on discipline for today.  You can take it with a grain of salt. 🙂







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