Marathon Training Update: 9/11-9/17

Hey guys! I hope your Wednesday is of to a great start.  This training update is a little late, but I really wanted to share the Apple Crisp Recipe with y’all on Monday because it was delicious. And I already made more this week because we had so many apples.  🙂

Marathon Training Update: Lakefront 2017

Monday 9/11  –5 miles

Tuesday 9/12 –5 mile walk – (just didn’t feel running this day)

Wednesday 9/13– 3 miles

Thursday 9/14 – 5 mile walk

Friday 9/15 – 4 miles

Saturday 9/16 – Lots of walking

Sunday 9/17 – 5 miles

Weekly Mileage Total – 17 miles

My running mileage was pretty low this week.  I was so tired all week and I can’t put my finger really on why. The only thing I’m thinking is that my 20 mile long run on the 9th just completely wiped me out and my body was taking a while to recover. I don’t know.  I think I also don’t eat enough sometimes so I’m’ sure that doesn’t help. Whatever it is, I’m okay that this week was lower mileage, because I need to taper anyway.

My overall attitude toward running

Good, just tired.


Have great day!

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