Friday Favorites #10

Happy Friday!!! This week has been one loooong week for me.  I’ve been battling a cold and/or allergies and it pretty much wiped me out for the past 3-ish days.  So this week has just been all off, but that’s okay, we’ll start fresh next week. 🙂

So let’s move into my Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites #10

1. Camera Shopping

I am shopping for a new camera and it’s been really fun just researching the different types of cameras etc.  I’m looking at Canons, because my old powershot is a canon and I’m just used to Canons. I’m looking at DSLR’s and one that will not only take picture but also have filming capabilities.  It’s going to be an investment so I might not be buying one like tomorrow or anything, but I’m just familiarizing myself with the different cameras that are out there. 🙂

Canon EOS Rebel

2. Colectivo Coffee

Another local coffee shop! The MKE area is so cool with all of it’s coffee roasteries. Love them! This time I bought coffee from Colectivo. It’s a dark sumatra and it’s so strong. You know how some coffees are so strong they make it feel like instantly energized!? Yeah that’s this one. haha


3. Homemade Dynamite Remix

I know I posted about Lorde in another Friday Favorites, but I am just LOVING the new Homemade Dynamite Remix. It features Khalid, Post Malone and SZA.  I honestly have no idea who these singers are, but they sound really amazing together.  Anyways, I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for the past week. You should check it out. 🙂

Lorde - Homemade Dynamite Remix

Those are some of my Friday Favorites from this week.  What are some of your faves? Also any camera recommendations are welcomed! Comment below 🙂

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