Marathon Training Update: Tapering 9/18-9/24

Good Morning! I apologize for being MIA yesterday. I’ve had a pesky cold the past week and yesterday morning I accidentally took PM cough medicine instead of the non-drowsy kind. My advice is don’t ever do that and double check the cough syrup bottle before taking any of the medicine!  So I didn’t get around to blogging with my tiredness and some other things I had going.

But better late than never right? So today I’m just going to talk a little about marathon training because with illness and tapering there really isn’t much to talk about.

Tapering is so hard guys. You go from running a lot throughout the week and doing 16-20 mile long runs on the weekend to basically cutting your running in half.  It’s so weird.  But it’s supposed to help you rest up and be prepared come race day.  Less tired legs = happy legs.

I’m not going to list my weekly mileage during taper weeks just because I’m working more on relaxing rather than being obsessive and counting weekly mileage.

I did run with a running group on Saturday and had a blast! It was fun meeting new people.  Unfortunately it was hot and humid, but fun, nonetheless.

I will catch ya’ll tomorrow!

Happy Running!


I also biked quite a bit this week.  🙂


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