Pre-Race Jitters

Happy Wednesday!

So I’m just going to jump right into today’s post.

I am so nervous about the marathon this Sunday! I’m not overly nervous, just the right amount of nerves. But the pre-race jitters sure are present! I’m not going to lie though…nerves can be the worst.


I sort of keep second guessing myself and my training.  Can I do it? Will this pesky cold affect my running? Will I be able to tolerate the pain?

I think it’s pretty normal to second guess yourself during a taper because you just aren’t running as much and it can be easy to lose that previously held confidence from those amazing 20 mile long runs.

But you know what? I have to trust in the training.  Trust in the process. And no matter how prepared I may be anything can happen in a marathon. And I just have to keep reminding myself that I CAN DO IT.  🙂

Happy running!

How do you calm down from the pre-race jitters? Let me know!

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