Post-Marathon Blues

Hey friends! I hope you are all having a great Wednesday!

I wanted you all to know that I AM really happy that I finished the marathon on Sunday. I received many notes and kind words from ya’ll and I realized that I may have come across a little more negative in the marathon recap post than I actually meant to. But, the truth is I was disappointed in my time, which is good to admit. And at the same time, I am so happy that I finished! It is definitely a feat to run 26.2 miles!

So, I am definitely past the “everything hurts and I’m dying” phase of the post marathon process.


I am more in that phase of the post-marathon blues –>Weeks and weeks of training and getting ready for the event and then in a couple hours, it’s just done. And I think I’m a lot more “blue” after this race because I didn’t meet my personal goal and I feel like I’m not done yet.

I am definitely enjoying the time off to let my body recover and reflecting on the race and thinking about what I can do to make myself a better runner. I wanted to make note, I’ve been doing the no-dairy thing. And I had ZERO stomach issues during and after the race, which is a FIRST and I think a big part of that is cutting out dairy.

And, I have to admit, with the post-marathon blues and my love for frozen dairy desserts, I caved yesterday and bought some Ben and Jerry’s fro yo as a treat for finishing a marathon! I just needed it! LOL.


And I was going to hide it from Aaron so I could have it all to myself, but instead I shared it because I can’t NOT share that deliciousness! It also helped with the post-marathon blues. Haha!

So my advice for helping the post marathon blues is rest and Ben and Jerry’s. Oh yeah, AND reflecting on the race and that HUGE accomplishment of finishing a marathon!


And then maybe sign up for another race! 🙂

What do you do to help get through the post-race blues?

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