Friday Favorites #13

Happy Friday! It’s been a very long and busy week and I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. 😦 It’s kind of been a rough week too.  But, we’ll talk about some Friday Favorites to help forget about how rough this week has seemed.

Friday Favorites #13

1. New Car

Yes, we bought a new car this week.  I’m excited and also kind of shocked at how fast it happened. So, now we have 2 cars, which is way more convenient. And, they are both paid for and 100% owned by us! Yay!

It’s a 2007 Toyota Matrix with only 58,000 miles on it.  We had it inspected by a mechanic and they said it was in great condition and worth the buy. It’s sooo basic…crank down windows and manual locks. And I love it because that’s not as many electronic things to break over the years. Ha! It’s a reliable little Toyota, which is great because my first car after college was a Toyota and I LOVED it! #toyotagirl

I just need to name it ;).  Any ideas?

Toyota Matrix

2. Wedding Fun

Last Saturday I stood up in a wedding for a friend from college and it was so much fun! She was beautiful and I loved my bridesmaid dress.




3. Mug Swap

I participated in a mug swap for Reformation. #hereiswap2017 Adriane from Little House on the Dairy hosted the swap and it was fun shopping for my mug swap buddy and also receiving a mug and little gift for the fall. 🙂



Well, those are today’s favorites! What are some of yours?

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