Thoughts on a Dairy Free Diet

Good Morning and happy Monday! I hope you all had a good weekend!

Today I thought I’d share my experience on going diary free for 1.5 months. You’ve all been waiting for this, right? 😉

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or doctor. All of my opinions are based on my personal experience and not meant to be taken as medical advice. I am also not being paid to promote any of the diary free products are mentioned in the post below.

Thoughts on a Dairy Free Diet


At the end of August, I decided that I would go completely dairy free and see if doing so would make a difference on my digestive system and to also see if it would clear up my skin.

I cut out all dairy.  Milk, yogurt, butter, cream, ice cream, cheese etc. It was somewhat difficult, BUT it really forced me to read food labels more.  I also never realized how many things actually have milk.


After about a week I did notice less bloating and things just seemed more normal digestive system wise. I ran my marathon about a month into being dairy free and I didn’t have any stomach issues during the marathon, which was great.  And I also didn’t have any digestive issues after the marathon.  I remember last year’s marathon I needed to find a restroom immediately.

As far as my skin I only noticed a small difference. At first my skin seemed to clear up, but then I broke out again. #hormones

So, I don’t really know if it helped or not.  I feel like zits are going to be part of my life forever. ugh.

Overall, eating dairy free wasn’t that difficult, as far as making changes to our grocery list etc. Eating out while being dairy free is a whole different story. Everything has cheese in it! Especially in Wisconsin.


Some of my favorite Dairy Free substitutes where Silk Protein Nutmilk and So Delicious Coconut Milk Coffee Creamer.  As far as yogurt, I didn’t ever try any yogurt substitutes because they are so expensive and honestly didn’t look that good to me.  And I honestly think yogurt is not my problem.  I think it’s lactose. But that’s my non-doctor self diagnosis. Ha!

Final Thoughts

Overall I didn’t mind going Diary Free, besides it being a pain to eat out. But hey, I guess that saves money. And I also really missed fro you and gelato. After my marathon I ate some fro-yo. And recently I’ve been eating more dairy.  I have however, noticed that it changed my digestive system, unfortunately. So I’m going back to cutting out cow’s milk.  I will continue to eat greek yogurt because I know I need to keep the calcium and protein in my daily diet.

Is going dairy free sustainable? Yes. There are so many substitutes for basically everything diary. You just need to be prepared for a higher grocery bill.  Is it a fad? Maybe.  But if you notice that going dairy free leads to fewer stomach and digestive issues, it might be worth it.  You just need to be aware of what kind of nutrients you are losing (ie. calcium, protein etc.), and find ways to substitute that nutrition.

Anyways, that was my experience with going dairy free for almost 2 months. Take it with a grain of salt, but I just wanted to share. 🙂

Have a great Monday!

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