Pregnancy with Baby #1: 3rd Trimester

3rd Trimester: Weeks 27-40 (38 1/2 Weeks for me!)

Hi there! Thought I’d jump on and give a little recap on how the 3rd trimester went for me. Baby V (David!) is here and came around 38 1/2 weeks. So I didn’t get to experience the full 40 weeks.

Symptoms: As far as symptoms during the 3rd trimester, I was just uncomfortable with my growing belly.  I would say the most annoying symptom was just having to pee every 5 minutes.  And, I would also get really tired by the end of the day.

Food Aversions: Still meat. Couldn’t eat it.

Food Cravings: Celery with peanut butter and raisins – Ants on a log. A very strange craving…ha!

Sleep: Sleep was never really an issue. I had a body pillow that worked great and I would highly recommend it. Although it takes up a ton of space.

Boy/Girl Suspicions: I really had no idea in the 3rd trimester. I thought boy, but then thought girl because I was thinking boy. But overall my inclination was a boy. And I guess I was right!

Running: I walked a ton in the 3rd trimester. My goal was like 3 miles a day, which was a lot considering the amount of pressure on my bladder. I would run little intervals when I felt like I needed to run, but nothing consistent or crazy.

I would say the last couple of weeks were the MOST uncomfortable. Starting at week 37. I just felt big and it was hard to bend over.

But, I am glad that our little David stayed very active and kicked a lot! Sometimes it would hurt when he kicked, but looking back it was the most enjoyable part…having an active and squirmy little man. (even though I complained a lot…Aaron can testify to that!)img_2363



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