Recap on the Last 5 months of Babyhood

Hi friends!

Well,  I am 5 months into the mom gig and the last 5 months have just flown by! It’s been so busy and D brings us so much joy! Honestly the first 2 months of new baby were the HARDEST months of my life. But in the grand scheme of the whole parenting experience so far, that newborn stage doesn’t last forever and D is now thriving and is just so much fun! There are definitely still days that he kicks my butt, but overall things are really great at this point.  🙂

Anyways, here is a recap of the last 5 months!


I honestly don’t think any class or advice really prepares you for that moment when you bring your little bundle of joy home for the first time.  I remember being so sad when we left the hospital. The nurses were amazing! They took little D into the nursery at night and only brought him in when he needed to eat, so I could get some beauty sleep. Bless them!

This month was soooo much eating and lots of snuggles and cuddles on mom and dad. The hardest part of this month was by far learning how to breastfeed and being sleep deprived.


Still A LOT of eating. Lots of cuddles with mom and dad and sleeping a little bit better. Bed time was rough and would only fall asleep on me at night. The end of the month got better and his longest stretch of sleep at night started (11pm-5:30am without waking up to eat) and from that point on his night time sleep just kept getting way better.



His eating became less “clustery” this month and he got into a more predictable feeding and nap routine. He obviously still had growth spurts, but overall I could anticipate when his next feeding would be.  Night sleep was amazing this month and slept through the night generally from 9pm – between 6am and 7am.


This month was great! His personality really started to shine and became way more interactive and chatty with us. He was an amazing sleeper this whole month. Morning naps lasted 2-3 hours and slept on average 11 hours at night without waking up for a feeding.  I felt like this was crazy for him to be sleeping this long without waking up to eat, but the pediatrician assured me that it was fine, and he was at a weight where he could metabolically sleep through the night.


May was another amazing month! He loved to play airplane and blow raspberries. He babbled and talked a ton and seemed just more engaged when we talked to him.  He discovered his screeching voice and got excited about that. Also started to show a lot more excitement and acknowledgment of Aaron when he came home from work.

Still was an amazing sleeper this month and I kept waiting for a 4 month sleep regression and it didn’t happen…yet? But, I’m not complaining haha.

So that’s the recap of our last 5 months. Lots of eating and sleeping the first couple of months and we are now in the golden age of babyhood, which I am enjoying so much and soaking it all in! I give D a ton of praise for sleeping so well at night and I hope he keeps it up. 🤞


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