Postpartum Running + 2019 Training Update

Happy Friday friends! Guess what?!? I am officially back into training mode with running! And by “officially” I mean I picked out a marathon training plan and am slowing working on getting back into racing shape!


D is finally at a point where he’s more content when I leave him and he seems better at going longer in between feedings. And by longer I mean he eats about every 3-4 hours during the day.  It makes the logistics of running a whole lot easier when your baby doesn’t need to eat every other hour. 🙄🙄🙄

I’m nervous to share that I am training for an actual race because I’m afraid that this whole thing may not workout.  I say this because I did a ton of research before actually deciding to train for a marathon and there are so many more things I have to be conscious of with breastfeeding D. Like I may be more prone to injury because of calcium lost through feeding D…#postpartumlife. But we will give it a shot. I thought that it could very well not work out even if I didn’t have a baby.  Having D rely on me for food will just be an added challenge and I will need to adapt and it will be the new normal for now.

Anyways, I am treating this marathon kind of like it’s my first marathon. I definitely lost some fitness with being pregnant and in the recovery/postpartum period. But I have been able to run up to 6 miles here and there post baby, with little training so far.

My lifestyle has changed a bit as far as priorities…baby’s needs comes first… so I am keeping that in mind with the training plan as well. I was in tip top shape and PR’d in the half marathon right when I found out I was pregnant with D.  And, with consistent training I am positive I will get back to a high level of fitness.

I will be tracking my postpartum marathon training on the blog so that you can all follow along. If you’re a mom that wants to train for a race (5k, half marathon, marathon or any distance for that matter) or just get back into shape, I hope that following my postpartum training and fitness journey will give you some encouragement to just do it. As a mom I believe that I have a newfound strength and I am excited to see the new potential I can find in this new season of life and in training and fitness.

Please comment below and let me know what aspects about postpartum training you are interested in and don’t forget to follow me on the blog to receive updates and new posts.

Happy Training!

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